Application for entry

Education Korea 2024   
January 17 (Wed) ~ 19 (Fri), 2024, 

Coex, Seoul, Korea  

Entry Rules

Article 1 Definition of Terms 

Exhibitor refers to a company, union, or organization that has applied for participation, submitted a contract, and paid a deposit to participate in this exhibition. Exhibition refers to the 21st Korea Education Fair (Education Korea 2024). Organizers refer to ‘Korea Educational Green Environment Research Institute’ and ‘Exporum Co., Ltd.’ 

Article 2 Application for participation 

1. Exhibitors who wish to apply for participation in the exhibition must fill out the participation application form and submit it to the organizer.

2. The submitted participation application form has the meaning of a participation application contract and is applied mutatis mutandis as a contract.

3. The participation application and contract must be submitted to the organizer, and 50% of the participation fee (including VAT) must be paid as a deposit within one week of receipt. The balance 50% is to be paid by November 30, 2023. However, on-site and early application companies must pay the balance of the participation fee by August 30, 2023. The contract comes into effect as soon as the ‘participation application and contract’ is received, and the provisions of Article 9 apply in case of cancellation of participation. If the contract is canceled without payment of the deposit, a penalty must be paid according to the conditions.

4. The exhibitor must immediately notify the organizer if any changes occur in the contents of the already submitted participation application or other submitted documents, and the exhibitor is responsible for any disadvantages resulting from failure to notify.

Article 3 Exhibition area and location allocation 

1. The organizer first considers the overall harmony of the exhibition hall and allocates the exhibition location based on the order of participation application, participation scale, number of previous participations, nature of the exhibits, and other most reasonable methods, and the exhibitor cannot raise any objection.

2. The organizer may change the allocated area and location if unavoidable circumstances exist. Accordingly, exhibitors cannot raise objections to cancellation of participation, allocation, or claims.

3. Exhibitors may not lend part or all of the allocated area to a third party for free or for free, or exchange it between exhibitors. If something like this occurs, the organizer may cancel the booth assignment.

Article 4 Installation of exhibition equipment and restoration to original condition

1. Exhibitors must complete the booth setup within the designated setup period. However, prefabricated booths are constructed collectively by the organizer at the exhibitor's expense.

2. The exhibitor must remove the exhibits and restore them to their original state within the exhibition hall demolition period after the exhibition closes. If costs incurred by the organizer are incurred due to the exhibitor's carelessness, the costs will be borne by the exhibitor.

3. All equipment construction must be selected from service companies registered with COEX.

Article 5 Insurance, Security and Safety 

1. The organizer takes appropriate security measures for the exhibition and visitors.

2. The exhibitor subscribes to insurance, etc. and is responsible for damage to and theft of equipment and exhibits in the booth that occur during the exhibition period, installation, and demolition period.

Article 6 Restrictions on exhibits 

The exhibitor must display the exhibits specified in the participation application and contract and deploy resident personnel at the exhibition hall, and the exhibitor's activities must be within the allocated area. The organizer may restrict the exhibition for exhibits that are inconsistent with the nature of the exhibition, noise, or other acts that cause damage to other exhibitors. 

Article 7 Fire prevention rules 

1. Exhibits and all materials within the exhibition hall must be treated as non-combustible in accordance with fire regulations.

2. If necessary, the organizer may request the exhibitor to make corrections in relation to fire prevention, and the exhibitor must immediately implement such corrective measures.

Article 8 Termination of application for participation 

If the exhibitor refuses to use all or part of the exhibition booth applied for or does not pay the participation fee by the deadline, the organizer may unilaterally cancel the participation application, and in this case, the already paid participation fee will not be refunded.

Article 9 Participation cancellation and penalty 

If the exhibitor cancels participation or reduces the scale of participation after submitting the participation application, the equivalent amount of penalty as specified below must be paid to the organizer within 15 days of cancellation of participation or reduction of scale. However, the already paid participation fee will be deducted from the penalty, and if it is insufficient, additional payment must be made, and if there is a surplus, it will be refunded.

- Cancellation more than 3 months before the exhibition start date (before October 18, 2023): 50% of the total participation fee or reduction.

- Cancellation from 1 month to 3 months before the exhibition start date (2023. 10. 19. ~ 2023. 12. 18.): 80% of the total participation fee or reduced amount.

- Cancellation 1 month before the exhibition start date (after December 19, 2023): 100% of the total participation fee or reduced amount.

Article 10 Cancellation or change of exhibition 

If the organizer cancels the exhibition, the entire participation fee already paid will be refunded to the exhibitor. However, if the event date and location are changed, reduced or canceled due to force majeure such as a national crisis or natural disaster, the exhibitor cannot claim compensation related to the participation application.

Article 11 Supplementary Provisions 

If necessary, the organizer may establish supplementary regulations not specified in the participation regulations, and exhibitors must comply with them. Exhibitors must comply with COEX regulations.

Article 12 Dispute Resolution 

Disputes that arise between the organizer and exhibitor regarding these participation regulations and other disputes regarding the rights and obligations of both parties shall be subject to the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, and the decision made by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board is final and binding on both parties.