Key elements

Education Korea 2024   
January 17 (Wed) ~ 19 (Fri), 2024, 

Coex, Seoul, Korea  

Lifelong, Certification, and Vocational Education 


For all ages, from early education to adult education 

A window to comprehensive information on lifelong, vocational, 

and foreign language education

Offers up-to-date information on foreign language, lifelong, and vocational education, along with effective preparation methods for all age groups.

Exhibit Items 

Lifelong, certification, vocational education, corporate HRD Lifelong, certification, vocational education, corporate HRD 
Global/foreign language education Global/foreign language education 

Career Exploration, Corporate Human Resource Development

(HRD), Experiential Learning, Silver Education, 

Lifelong Education Programs, 

Lifelong Education Institutes and Professional Universities,

Vocational Education Institutions, 

Vocational Schools and Academies, 

Certification Training Institutions, Online Certification Courses,

National Technical Certification Implementation and Accreditation

Agencies, Entrepreneurship Education, and more 

Language Academy, Telephone/Video Education, Publisher,

Foreign Language Books and Teaching Materials (worksheets),

English Library, English Kindergarten, 

Study Abroad/Language Training Institution and School, Foreign

Language Teaching Aid, Language Semester, 

Franchise Academy, Cultural Center, Foreign Language School,

Certified Foreign Language Test, 

Foreign Language Education Camps, English Villages, Overseas

Educational Institutions, etc. 

Main Audience

Corporate Human Resources Manager

Retired Faculty and Staff

Language School, Study Abroad Center


College Students and Job Seekers

Parents and Elementary, Middle,

and High School Students

Applicants Seeking General Education

Consultation, etc.

Elementary School and English Teacher

Retirees/ Individuals planning for Retirement