Key elements

Education Korea 2024   
January 17 (Wed) ~ 19 (Fri), 2024, 

Coex, Seoul, Korea  

Edtech Korea

Edtech Korea

The core of the 4th Industrial Revolution era,

Change in education paradigm through edtech

Evolving into a smart school

Changes in a safe and smart educational environment

Exhibit Items

EdTech/Education TrendsEdTech/Education Trends
Educational ContentEducational Content 
SW, Coding Education, VR/AR, Robots, Digital Textbooks,
e-Book, STEAM Education, Educational Applications,
3D Printing, Educational Games, Drones, Cloud,
etc. Educational IT Devices, Infrastructure, Solutions, etc.
E-Learning, MOOC, Learning/Teaching Content,
Artificial Intelligence-based Educational Content,
Higher Education, and more.
Smart SchoolSmart SchoolEducational Environment and FacilitiesEducational Environment and Facilities 
Smart Teaching Aids and Equipment,
Smart Classroom Solutions, Electronic Attendance
Management System, IoT, Eco-Friendly Energy System,
Electronic Whiteboard, Security, Automatic Control System,
Smart Device, Smart Pad, Smart Locker, Charging Box,
Automatic Heating and Cooling System, etc.
Classroom Teaching Aids and Equipment,
Early Childhood Education Facility Furniture, Air Purifiers,
Fine Dust Measuring Devices, Water Purifiers,
School Facilities, Meal Facilities,
Safety Facilities and Supplies, Sports Facilities,
Auditorium Facilities, etc.


Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers and Staff, Principals,
Education Platform, Portal-Related Company Employees,
Teachers and Instructors by field, Corporate Education Staff 

University and Graduate School Administrators, University Professors, Online Instructors, EdTech Investment Professionals, Facility Managers of Academies and Educational Institutions 

Educational Office and Government/Agency Officials, Purchasing Managers for Schools and Educational Office Facilities