Key elements

Education Korea 2024   
January 17 (Wed) ~ 19 (Fri), 2024, 

Coex, Seoul, Korea  

Early and Elementary Education  


The beginning of nurturing creative talent!

From early education to elementary education

Exhibit Items

Early and elementary educationEarly and elementary education Teaching aids, stationery, booksTeaching aids, stationery, books 

Elementary Education, K-12 Education, Early Education, 

Character Education, Flexible Learning Systems, 

After-School Classrooms, After-School Academies,

Indoor Sports Contents and Equipment, 

Arts and Physical Education,

Homeschooling Textbooks and Worksheets, Care Services,

Experiential Learning Centers, Aptitude Tests, Brain Coaching, etc.

School Supplies, Stationery, Wooden Toys, 

After-School Educational Materials, Intelligence

Development Toys, Blocks, Board Games and Various

Educational Materials, Language Cards, Books, etc.

Main Audience

Elementary School Teachers, Teaching Staff,

After-School Instructors,

Educational Material Distributors,

and Education Company Personnel 

Parents and Preschoolers

Elementary School Students

Prospective Elementary School Students