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Education Korea 2024   
January 17 (Wed) ~ 19 (Fri), 2024, 

Coex, Seoul, Korea  


Education Korea Awards

In order to promote the continued growth of the Korean education industry, we demonstrate the excellence of participating companies' products and brands and support K-Edu's development of global sales channels.

‘Education Korea Awards’

In January 2024, we invite you to meet the best companies that shine the bright future and excellence of our education. 

[Selection and award fields (details)]   

· New Contents & Product of the Year   |  Excellent New Content Category 

- Newly produced excellent education and edutech content 

· Outstanding Achievement of the Year  |  Achievement Award Category 

- A company that has contributed greatly to the revitalization of the education industry throughout the year 

· Impact Award  |  Education industry influence sector 

- Products and technologies that have the greatest influence on the development of the education industry of the year 

· Innovator of the Year  |  Innovation of the Year Category 

-  Products and technologies that contributed to industry growth as the most innovative products and technologies of the year 

· School Environment of the Year  |  School environmental facilities sector 

- Products and technologies with excellence to build a safe and comfortable school environment 

· Start-up of the Year  |  Excellent Startup Category 

- High growth potential as a global company and possesses creative products and technologies 

· Early Education of the Year  |  Early and elementary school sector 

- Products and technologies with the greatest diffusion and impact in the early and elementary education field 

· Collaboration with a School  

- Contribute to improving the educational environment by fostering organic relationships with schools and educational institutions